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We are Rachael and Melissa - the faces behind Breath Body Earth Yoga School.

Breath Body Earth is a Yoga-Alliance Certified Yoga School and platform for expression and connection. 

Born out of a strong desire to make a change in the world and bring a platform of expression to all voices, BBE is focused on providing both in-person and online trainings that awaken your inner power.


Through philosophy, practice, and self-inquiry, we encourage you to look beyond your patterns of conditioning and begin the journey to discover who you truly are.

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500hr E-RYT


Embodiment Coach, Somatic Educator, Birth and Postnatal Doula

After experiencing traumatic events in my teen years, I was left disconnected, disembodied, and disempowered. In the years that followed I found myself confronted by a healing force that had existed deep inside me all along, it just required that I connect with an intelligence I had no idea existed; the intelligence of my body. Through dance, somatic practices, yoga, meditation, and study, I have found my way back to my self again, and again. Life is full of experiences of all qualities and textures, some more dense and difficult than others. What I have learnt, and what I endeavor to share, is how to create tools that help us exist in both light and dark without resistance. The path of yoga has helped me to meet myself exactly as I am, in a space where I have ultimate authority over my decisions. I am here to share this path with you all, in hope that you will find new freedoms and invite others to also find theirs.



200hr RYT


Sound Healer & Meditation Guide

Yoga and meditation, alongside spiritual teachings from different parts of the world have impacted my relationships, my sense of ‘Self’ and my perception of Life in such a way that I feel passionate about sharing these practices and teachings with others. I am grateful and honoured to have the opportunity to co-create spaces where everyone can feel safe and where we can explore big questions like ‘What is life?’, ‘What is death?’, ‘What are we?’ - without looking for answers but simply resting together in the silence these questions evoke. On a practical level I am also very interested in how our spiritual endeavours can enable us to contribute to a more peaceful world. I have found sharing simple practices and healing modalities to contribute to this.



Meet Emilie and Izzy, our facilitators in training.

They are an intergral part of the school and will be regularly supporting us at trainings and retreats.

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