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200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings

Our Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Trainings offer yoga as a complete healing system. We go in depth into the philosophy and practice of yoga, exploring ancient texts, physical and energetic anatomy, self-inquiry work and teaching methodology.


In our experience yoga provides the tools for empowerment and conscious transformation. We believe the practice of yoga has the power to make a postive change in the world. 

Upcoming Trainings



A 3 week immersion in the mountains of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

9th November - 1st December 2024



A blend of online training with a one week immersion in Guatemala

Online: 7th June - 3rd November

Immersion: 12th - 18th December

Why Study with Us?

Our teaching approach has grown from learning with some amazing teachers. They've shown us that yoga is more than just the physical – it's about understanding the rich and profound philosophy and adapting it for modern life. 


As well as all the usual 200hr material, we also inlcude lectures on somatics, the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the nervous system, and creative ways to approach business. We're into the deeper, mysterious aspects of yoga. We look at the body from different angles – how it's built and how energy flows through it, drawing on alignment, anatomy, chakras, and the power of breath.

Breath Body Earth is a community with members from all over the world. We work hard to make sure every voice is heard, and continue to maintain the bonds we have created long after the training is complete.

We're here to support your journey to help you make lasting changes in your life.


Do I need to want to become a yoga teacher to take a Yoga Teacher Training?

No! Yoga Teacher Trainings are the next step for many who seek to deepen their practice, understanding, and knowledge of Yoga. For us, Yoga Teacher Trainings are also a beautiful initiation into a deeper understanding of life. We include somatics, embodiment work, meditation, and many other tools for navigating and responding to day to day living. Many who take Yoga Teacher Trainings find that the spark of inspiration is ignited within them and the doors are open to study a variety of different healing modalities such as; naturopathy, mind-body nutrition, spiritual business coaching, women's circle facilitation, kinesiology,  and so much more. 

Do I need to have a high level of practice to take a Yoga Teacher Training?

No! We welcome people of all levels to our trainings. Yoga does not discriminate and neither do we. In our ideal world, everyone would feel welcome to practise yoga regardless of ability, size, gender, ethnicity, or expression. In our trainings we put a big focus on how to teach beginners and how to create a space that is safe for everyone.

I haven’t studied in a while, will this be too much for me?

The theory side of the 200hr can feel like a lot. Our main piece of advice around this is to not worry too much about ‘memorising’ it all. Yoga is a lifelong journey, you will revisit this material many more times, and each time it will resonate in a different way. You are not graded on your ability to remember anatomy, philosophy, or history - everything is an offering to you to deepen your self-awareness and knowledge, and the more you revisit it, the more it will stick. 

Will I be ready to teach a class after the training?

You will have the opportunity to practise teaching almost everyday of the training. We work through the postures methodically, as well as having lectures on cueing, instruction, props, variations, and general teaching methodology, so that when you leave you already have all the tools you need to teach a full class. 




"Yoga has shaped my life in ways I never could have imagined.


Through retreats, trainings, movement, and conversation, I humbly invite you to begin your journey back to your self."




"I continue to be amazed by the healing and transforming powers of breath, movement, stillness, intention and connection and am grateful every day for the opportunity to share these practices with others."


I did my 200-hour YTT in Guatemala with Breath Body Earth and could not have asked for a better experience. Rachel, Melissa, and their assistant Emilie were incredible space holders who have such a wealth of knowledge. Their kindness, empathy, and ability to read the room was appreciated so much on my journey to becoming a yoga teacher. They pushed us beyond our comfort zones, having us teach one another starting from day one. The result was that by the end of the training, I felt confident in my abilities to lead an entire yoga class myself.

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