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3 Day Silent Retreat

17th May - 21st May

Tranquil Lodge

Bocas del Toro


This retreat is a gentle introduction to silence and its countless gifts. During the 3 days of silence we will observe mauna (sacred silence), though you will be able to read and write if you wish to.


I will be offering guidance and different meditation methods throughout the retreat.

This program is appropriate for all, whether you have been meditating for years or you haven't started yet, All are welcome. If you are interested but the price is an obstacle please get in touch to speak about options.

Retreat Schedule


3pm Arrivals Opening circle, introductions and guidelines

6pm Dinner

7pm Beginning of Mauna (noble silence)


6.30am Wake up

7am Morning practice including meditation and Hatha Yoga - guided by me

9am Breakfast

10.30am Spiritual lecture followed by meditation

1pm Lunch

4pm Spiritual lecture followed by meditation

6pm Dinner

7pm Anonymous Q&A followed by meditation.

Sunday and Monday will be structured in the same way.



6pm End of Mauna Opportunity to share about our experience in silence

7pm Dinner


The morning practice will be the same as on the other days (rising in silence)

10.30am Integration, swimming and packing 12pm Departure

Topics of Spiritual Lectures

Sankalpa - the importance of intention

The role of the body on our spiritual journey

Emotions and the mind in meditation

The role of the breath

The 5 hindrances in Buddhism

The 7 factors of awakening in Buddhism

Cultivating mindfulness in daily life

Meditation Methods

Body scan and breath awareness

Metta Meditation

Capturing the uncaught mind

Tibetan buddhist practice Tonglen

Sufi practice Blowing on the embers of the heart

Mantra and Japa Mala meditation

Open concept mediation



Request the Information Pack

Thanks! One of us will send you the information pack as soon as possible.

Send us a message using this form.


We will get back to your within 24 hours with our information booklet containing all the details including; accommodation options, prices, food, and schedule, plus you will be able to chat with one of us directly before booking to be sure this is the right retreat for you. 

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