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us different?

Our philsophy is that the path of Yoga goes far beyond the physical.


We believe in using the modern movement practice to connect with the profound philsophy of Yoga through the medium of the body, meditation, and study.

our pillars



We believe yoga is for everyone, it does not discriminate. 

Our trainings are a safe space for anyone who desires to come and learn about the rich philsophy of Yoga.

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We see our trainings, retreats, and events as 'Islands of Love'. A place where people can come together and be seen and held in loving community. Many of our students have made friends for life at BBE.


Growth and Healing

The path of Yoga is lifelong. Whether you decide to teach or not, the wisdom you take away from this experience will stay with you and continue to echo through your life for many more years. Part of our commitment is to provide you with tools to continue walking your path of healing and spiritual growth.

The Physical

About half of our time together will be spent learning about the physical practice of Yoga (Asana). We will have daily workshops where we break down each posture, learn how to spot and correct misalignment, and develop a healthy sense of the body from pose to pose. You will have plenty of time to develop your physical practice and explore new ways of moving. 

Our approach to asana is somatic. This means we are far more concerned with the sensations of the pose, rather than the aesthetic. Instead of being goal-oriented, we are process-driven with no right or wrong, and a strong focus on the correct alignment for your body.


We learn how to use movement and breath to regulate the nervous system, so you will leave with the tools to find more peace and presence in the other areas of your life.


Beyond the Physical

In our trainings we endeavor to speak to the truth of what yoga really is.


We understand that for many of us, physical practice is our entry point to the path of yoga, but at Breath Body Earth we believe that the real transformation comes from the rich and profound philosophy that lies beyond the physical. This includes everything from study of the ancient scriptures and meditation, to ayurveda and energetics of the body. The scope of what yoga is, was, and could be, goes far beyond learning flow.


Our style of teaching has evolved from exposure to many talented and powerful teachers who have encouraged us to not only focus on the physical, but also to dive deep into philosophy and adapt it for modern day living.


The subtle, unexplainable, and mystical is important to us. We explore the body from both anatomical and energetic perspectives, spending time studying alignment, anatomy, the chakras, and the power of the breath. 

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