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A Self-Love Retreat

Friday 6th - Sunday 8th October 2023

The Croft Farm

Great Gaddesden



This magical weekend retreat has been lovingly curated to help bring you into balance.


Step into a world of transformative renewal with a captivating 2-night retreat at The Croft Farm. This carefully crafted package invites you to rediscover serenity within tranquil environs, where nourishing vegetarian meals, holistic activities, and moments of introspection await.

Greet your mornings with revitalizing yoga sessions, a harmonious blend of movement and mindfulness to set your day on a positive trajectory. Complementing this, our Yin/Yang workshop delves into the art of equilibrium, fostering a heightened awareness of the dance between inner calm and vibrant energy.

An exceptional highlight of your retreat unfolds during the Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance, a fusion of age-old traditions and contemporary expression. Immerse yourself in ceremonial cacao consumption, followed by an invigorating dance, culminating in a rejuvenating amalgamation of cultural depth and personal liberation.

For a revival of body and spirit, indulge in the inviting amenities, including a sauna, hot tub, and invigorating ice bath. This trilogy of temperature experiences crafts a haven within a haven, offering restoration for both your physical form and inner essence.

The symphony of each day crescendos with the Opening and Closing Circles, moments to partake in shared reflection, intention setting, and heartfelt connections with fellow participants. These communal encounters enrich your overall experience, fostering bonds of unity and camaraderie.

This retreat is more than a getaway; it's a deliberate choice to prioritize your own restoration. You'll find a space to reconnect with your inner self, to reflect on the passing summer, and to set intentions for the months ahead.


2 nights stay at The Croft Farm

Lovingly homemade vegetarian meals

Daily yoga practice

Yin/Yang balancing workshop

Cacaco Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance

Sauna, Hot Tub, and Ice Bath

Opening and Closing Circles

Arrival: 3pm Friday 6th

Departure: 2pm Sunday 8th

Contact us for us for prices.

Elise Miller

"The space that both Melissa and Rachael create is so special, that once you go, you recognise the difference of pure connection and anything that is away from that. They both show up authentically, allowing others on their retreats to do the same. After the retreat, we all had so much love and respect for each other for just being exactly as we are. Throughout they both encouraged us to listen to our bodies, to not participate in anything that we get called to not do, yet also gently encouraging us to attempt things that may be slightly out of our comfort zones."

Michele Aarons

"Wow what can I say.. I just returned from Breath body earth Rest & Play weekend and it was just incredible, a complete disconnect from the stresses of modern life, a time to reset, rebalance and nourish the body, mind and soul. Rachael & ⁨Melissa have really got something special going on here.
I loved every moment of the weekend, with the perfect blend of rest and play and time to connect deeply with myself and others. The yoga and meditation classes were the best I have ever experienced, as was the ecstatic dance in the woods. Food was so nourishing and yummy and location was perfect, so peaceful."

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