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Sound Healing

Last month I took part in a 3 week Sound Healing course that filled my soul with songs of freedom.

I am aware of how vague this intro sounds and intend to elaborate and share about:

  • What inspired me to do the training,

  • The content of the training & the teachers,

  • and The highlights

As always, I share my experience authentically trusting it may be helpful to someone else.


My home was always filled with music when I was growing up.

My dad played the saxophone, would play the Bob Marley and The Wailers Album on repeat and whistle along all day long.

This resulted in my love for music and singing.

To my own surprise, I realised just how much I Love singing during a 17 day silent retreat. Here is a blog I wrote about this in case silence is of interest.

Over the years I discovered how music could either 'pick me up' or 'take me down'. Certain lyrics and music styles could bring me joy, while others could make me tear up.

Like many, my musical tastes evolved A LOT in the past couple of decades, and in the past few years I discovered the bliss of 'Medicine songs' and Mantra chanting.

The Womb-throat connection

In recent years I also discovered the connection between the Womb and the throat and started exploring and practicing Womb and Throat Healing.

A natural step...

Over the past 15 years, since I started practicing yoga, my understanding of Yoga and therefore my practice have evolved continuously. I am eternally grateful for the teachers and spiritual guides who have supported my spiritual journey.

I was initially fascinated by the human body and "what could be done with it". I could spend an hour practicing handstands but rarely dedicated more than 20minutes to meditation. I am still amazed by how wonderful the body is, but I am now equally intrigued by the mind and the soul and therefore willing to spend hours in meditation.

During Yoga Teacher Training I discovered that asana, the physical practice, was developed as a means to create harmony in the physical and subtle bodies so one could realise their own nature. Interestingly, sound can also support the harmonisation process.

Through practice I discovered more subtle layers of my being and it was during a silent meditation retreat that I became aware of 'nada' or 'naad'. I could write a whole article about 'naad' only, so perhaps I will hehe! But to keep it brief, Naad can be described as 'the original sound' or 'the universal sound current'.