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What is a Holistic Yoga School?

A holistic approach is one views all parts of something as vitally interconnected, working together to create a whole. When you step through our doors - either physically or virtually - all parts of you are welcome. We encourage you to take off your mask and to come exactly as you are. Our holistic yoga teacher trainings meet you there without expectation or judgement, and give you the tools to continue your journey.

Through the study of other spiritual practices, we have discovered that all point to the same thing; oneness - just as the word ‘yoga’ itself means ‘unity’. Our holistic yoga teacher training focuses on yoga as a complete healing system, including; philosophy and practice of the path of Yoga and influences from other spiritual practices, as well as modern psychotherapy and embodiment discourses. As part of our mission, we navigate the ancient and modern through a blend of philosophy, anatomy, movement, practice, expression, and ethics, all from the perspective that each is part of a greater whole.

We believe that the ancient philosophy of yoga acts as a guide to deeply understand our humanity. It invites us to look beyond the restrictions of the mind and find the courage to undo our conditioning so we are able to step into our power and create a better reality for all. The modern physicality of yoga (asana) provides a way for us to connect to our bodies - to feel into the sensation of what is happening in the present moment.

The practitioner who is embodied and aware is able to find a deep inner resonance and the strength to move through any challenges with integrity, let go of repeating patterns, and focus on the deeper parts of the Self. This kind of energy is exactly what is needed as we create the new world.

We focus our holistic yoga teacher training on the three things that truly support us throughout our lives; Breath, Body, and Earth. In the fast modern world where the focus is almost always external, coming back to ourselves is nothing short of revolutionary.

One thing we have noticed no matter where we go, is that a lot of people are living in a state of disembodiment. Disembodiment is a state of being where the energy is scattered, the sensations and intelligences of the body are shunned, and there is increased mental activity. Disembodied people are not present, and oftentimes are not connected to, and do not feel safe in their bodies. The Three Pillars of Safety (breath, body, and earth) can act as an anchor to bring an individual back into their body, and into a state of embodiment.

The Breath

Noticing and connecting with the breath helps to create space in the mind, and bring awareness to the present moment. As we will go on to learn in the course, coming into relationship with the breath can help to calm the nervous system, and bring the body to a state of relaxation. Gaining insight over the state of the nervous system is essential to cultivating a feeling of safety in the body.

The Body

After a connection with the breath is established, the next stage is to drop into safety and embodiment is to connect with the body. Oftentimes, the sensations, ‘gut feelings’, and intelligences of the body are ignored and/or under developed. To begin to trust these signals we are constantly receiving from the body, we need to learn how to listen to her.

The Surface Beneath You (The Earth)

After connecting with the breath and the body, to solidify the sensation of safety we need to feel the surface we are sat/standing on. The earth represents an immovable, nourishing force. She holds the very essence of the word ‘home’, and with her we can trust that we are safe.

Yoga teaches us that what is inside is also outside, how we treat ourselves is how we treat others, and there is no separation between body, mind, and life. Our trainings are a growing, evolving manifestation of all the wisdom passing through us and on to you, with hope and trust that you will use everything you learn to cultivate your personal power, walk the path to freedom, and light the way for others.

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